Dream Drives for Kids is an Oregon non-profit working to bring joy to the lives of children undergoing treatment for a wide range of childhood diseases. We use a collection of exotic cars to create a totally unique experience, one best described by the "I Like Giving" team in this four minute video — please click the play button to learn more about our efforts and the joy we are able to create.

How Does Dream Drives for Kids Work?

Dream Drives for Kids is a ninety minute adventure for children and their families designed to create joy using a pretty incredible collection of exotic cars:

It's that simple! You can learn more about the Dream Drives for Kids team, our partners in the medical community, and more details about the process if you like, or just email us directly to set up a Dream Drive for your child.

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Want to Know More?

If you're interested in the history of Dream Drives for Kids, our founders, our cars, and some of the details behind the work we do, you might be interested in the Dream Driver Blog.

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