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Welcome to the Kids Auto Asset Manager, an effort to improve overall knowledge in the collector car market. Sign up today and get started with professional tracking and curation for your own collection!

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All subscriptions to the Auto Asset Manager are billed monthly, can be cancelled at any time, and come with a 30-day free trial. All payments are handled securely via Paypal, one of the most trusted payment processors in the world.

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The Auto Asset Manager is offered as a monthly subscription and is $9.99 USD per month. Every subscription comes with a 30-day free trial and can be cancelled at any time so if you aren't seeing 100% of the value of this application you have no obligation.

This pricing allows you to keep track of up to ten (10) individual vehicles with unlimited expenses for each. If you need more than 10 vehicles, please contact us directly.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is my data safe in the Auto Asset Manager?

Yep. We are working on database encryption right now, but for the time being all of your data including VINs, insurance policy numbers, and expenses are all only visible to you and you can delete that data at any time.

How often can I update my data?

You can update the data about your vehicles as much as you want. That includes adding expenses, letting us know the car has been driven, etc. The searches for market data are limited to being run once every twenty-four (24) hours so that we aren't a drag on the data provider's systems ... but we have found that this is frequently enough to keep the data current without problem.

Will you be adding other market data sources?

Probably. We like AutoTrader for "offered" cars because in our experience, at least in the U.S., it is very complete. Other web sites may have a few other cars ... but AutoTrader gives a pretty robust picture of the market in a reasonably structured way. And for "auction" data ... Bring a Trailer is really the king, but GlenMarch does an okay job of aggregating the "pro" houses so between the two we believe we get a fairly accurate picture of auction sales.

How are the market values calculated?

Unless you have access to Manheim's MMR database which still isn't perfect, putting the value on a collectable car is tricky business. We have taken a very conservative approach that basically:

  • Assigns the full value of a completed sale at auction plus the buyer's premium if we know it
  • Ignores any auction cars that fail to sell for any reason
  • If the vehicle is "offered" we include the value at the asking price (given the market in 2022)

Why do you need my vehicle identification number (VIN)?

In all honesty we don't need your VIN. We need a VIN for a car that is just like yours from a year/make/model/milage standpoint so that we can use one of our data partners to look up the current retail average for the vehicle.

That said, our database is secure and we don't do anything else with the VIN other than use it as a unique key for your car and to get the retail data, so if you want you can use a random string (but you won't get that retail pricing data.)

I am having trouble getting my searches to work ...

Searches for vehicles are the cornerstone of the Auto Asset Manager and we have found that once you get how they inform our system it becomes pretty easy. That said, it's worth taking a few minutes and watching our videos on each of the platforms:

If you are still having trouble please don't hesitate to drop us an email and ask for help. We are happy to make sure you're using the system effectively and efficiently!

Bring a Trailer has "Makes and Models" pages that have search results. Can I use those?

Nope. We parse searches a certain way on each of the auto sites and we really need you to follow those directions for Bring a Trailer exactly or your searches won't work.

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