Want to Follow in our Footsteps?

We get asked a lot about setting up something like Dream Drives for Kids other places in the world and we think that is an excellent idea. Depending on how you look at Dream Drives for kids, the work we do is either incredibly complicated or surprisingly simple.

If you wanted to go down the same path we did and set up a non-profit, registering that entity with the Internal Revenue Service, setting up banking and leasing space in the non-profit's name and buying the resulting and necessary insurance coverage, not to mention the security that is required — well, you probably get the picture.

But, on the other hand, if you really just want to use fancy cars to execute on our core vision of creating joy, well then the entire proposition becomes surprisingly simple. At that point you're down to a handful of requirements — insurance and waivers for the most part — which really isn't that bad.

Either path you go down has three core requirements:

  1. You will need to be committed to doing this work; half-way isn't worth the effort
  2. You will need to be patient; starting something like Dream Drives for Kids takes time
  3. You will need to find key partners in your local medical community

The last point — needing key partners in the local medical community — is really the most important thing. Without a way to communicate about the work you are doing to families, honestly, you are just another nice guy with a fancy car.

Fortunately, as we have proven here in Oregon and Southwest Washington, this is all solvable, and to that end we have started offering something we call "Dream Drives Consulting". Essentially this is an opportunity for you to work directly with us, to learn from our mistakes and benefit from our victories, and essentially jump start your own efforts to bring joy to deserving children and their families in your community.

How Does Dream Drives Consulting Work?

Dream Drives Consulting allows you to work directly with a team that has proven they know how to make something like this work. The engagement is ongoing, and at every step in the process you can draw on the Peterson's experience in bringing Dream Drives for Kids to life.

  • To start we will set up a video conference to discuss the overall effort required. This is the point where you will clarify why you'd like to do something like this, what assets and skills you can bring to the work, and what you hope to accomplish personally and professionally.
  • At the point you decide to engage us for help, we ask for a donation. To demonstrate your commitment to this work, a tax deductible donation of a pre-agreed amount is required. The entire donation will be used to help us continue to grow Dream Drives for Kids presence locally and nationally.
  • Upon formal engagement, we will set up weekly calls to ensure you're making progress towards your goal. We will provide templates of waivers and documentation, help you reach out to medical partners, and review any and all marketing communications that you produce to explain your efforts.
  • When you get started, we will be your greatest champions. Our social network is far-reaching, and we will leverage that network to help bring visibility to your efforts, both locally and nationally.
  • If it makes sense, you can come to Portland and join us on a Dream Drive. As you get going, we will be happy to invite you to a Dream Drive of our own so that you can see how powerful this work can be for yourself.

What Does Success Look Like?

Better than we can explain in words, this short video created by Brad Formsma and the "I Like Giving" team highlights the work we do, why we do it, and how it impacts the children and families we serve. Dream Drives for Kids is about bringing joy to the families we are able to serve, and as you will see, the impact we are able to have through this very simple effort ... is tremendous.

Want to Get Started?

If this all makes sense and you're interested in learning more please reach out via email. It all starts with a conversation about what you're interested in creating in your community.

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