The Dream Drive

Once your child has decided which car they want from the Dream Drives Collection — usually during a Dream Garage Tour — the next step is to buckle up safely and go for a drive! We have a nice route near the garage location that shows off some of Oregon's beautiful scenery, and family is always right behind the child in a car driven by Dream Drives for Kids staff.

There is really nothing like going for a drive in a Ferrari, Lamborghini, or McLaren — trust us on that. Especially if the weather is nice and we can put the top down and feel the wind in our hair.

We usually get amazing photos like this, too!

Driving in the rain is a requirement in Oregon and Southwest Washington, and while some cars aren't available in wet conditions, we do Dream Drives rain or shine and our drivers are well experienced in wet conditions.

Safety is our number one requirement, although sometimes we need to be creative. Because our cars are two-seaters, we always work with parents to ensure that everyone is comfortable and safe. Mom and dad always have the final say on the drive.

Our goal on every Dream Drive is to ensure that the child has as much fun as safely possible, with the child being the center of attention during the entire experience. Every child gets to pick their own car — and off we go!

When we have our photographers with us we manage to capture some incredible rolling shots of the Dream Drive in action. And, of course, families are always encouraged to take as many photos as they like!

Sometimes on Dream Drives we talk about cars, sometimes life or video games or movies, and sometimes we just listen to the engine growl — but we always have as much fun as safely possible!

Have a look at the cars currently in the Dream Drives Collection and, if you'd like to discuss having your child participate in a Dream Drive please email us directly and we can get the conversation started.

A Note About Safety

Driving is inherently dangerous, the evidence for this is overwhelming. Driving with children is even more dangerous, and high horsepower sports cars more dangerous still. safety. Because of this reality, at Dream Drives for Kids we live and breathe driving safety.

Safety manifests a few different ways:

  • Our primary driver, Eric Peterson, has driver certification from Ferrari, Ford, and Mercedes AMG and continually works on car control and driver safety in both live "on track" situations and in a state-of-the-art driving simulator
  • We have several car seats and boosters designed to ensure that safety belts are appropriately placed on every child during the Dream Drive
  • While we want to have fun, we do so in a very careful way. For example, for acceleration ... we slow way down and then carefully speed back up to the posted speed limit
  • We always have a follow car right behind the Dream Drive helping to ensure for everyone's safety, and family is always in the car with our driver
  • If everyone isn't 100% comfortable that the child is safe in the Dream Drives car ... we don't drive. We will extend the tour, change car, or whatever it takes to have fun ... but safety always comes first!

As you can imagine, safety is important to our insurance providers as well, and so every Dream Drive does require a waiver signed by a parent or guardian before the drive starts. Please email us directly if you have any questions about how we keep children safe during the Dream Drive.

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