The Dream Garage Tour

Most Dream Drives for Kids Experiences start at the Dream Garage with a tour of our collection, and the tour is how children usually decide which car they want to take on their Dream Drive. Tours usually take about an hour, and children are encouraged to invite siblings, parents, and friends to participate in this truly unique experience.

Every Dream Drive starts with a private tour of the collection.Imagine a room full of exotic sports cars — Ferrari, Lamborghini, McLaren, Porsche, Mercedes AMG, and more — that you get to open up, hop into, take photos, etc.

How cool is that?

Dream Drives for Kids invites children, siblings, family and friends into the Dream Garage and creates truly unique experiences. The look on everyone's faces when we open the door to the garage is priceless, especially if some members of your group don't know what to expect.

The Dream Garage tour is fully wheelchair accessible, and the Dream Drives Team has experience with a wide-range of medical issues. We can accommodate children of any age on the tour, although driving is typically limited to children age five and up.

The Dream Garage Tour can be an engaging experience with the Petersons providing details about each of the cars — or it can be a quiet tour with families touring the collection at their own pace. Whatever suits your child best is fine with us!

Dream Drives for Kids is supported by generous photographers and we always provide photos of the entire Dream Drives experience. Of course, families are always encouraged to take lots of photos since that is a key part of the Dream Drives experience!

We welcome any questions you might have about the Dream Garage, our collection, and the Dream Drive experience. Please email us directly for more information or to enquire about setting up your own tour of the Dream Garage.

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