Dream Drive Requirements

Dream Drives for Kids has a simple mission: to create joy for children and families who are dealing with life-threatening and life-altering illness. Unlike larger organizations we have a great deal of flexibility in who we serve, but are still governed by IRS regulations.

Here are some of the considerations we will take into account when determining if your child is right for us:

  • If your child has been in a life-threatening accident ...
  • If your child has cancer, heart disease, or most blood-related illness ...
  • If your child has life-threatening genetic disease, such as cystic fibrosis or Duchenne muscular dystrophy ...

... your child is almost certainly qualified for Dream Drives for Kids.

Even if your child is dealing with something not on the list above, please email us directly and let's talk. Again, we want to help as many children as our bylaws and regulation will allow.

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